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We work with all types of immigration, from the simplest to the most complex cases.

Family Based

Immigration through a qualifying family member who can petition a Green Card for you. Usually a spouse, parents and children over 21yo.

Employment Based

Immigration case through a petitioning US company who will "sponsor" your Green Card. There can be some exceptional cases where you don't need a petitioning company (self-petition cases).

Removal Defense

Immigration court cases can be scary and result in forced removal from the U.S.; for these cases you need the best lawyers to defend you against deportation.

Humanitarian Reason

The US may grant legal status for humanitarian reasons through cases like VAWA, U-visa, T-visa, Asylum, etc.

Appeals And Motions To Reopen

There are mechanisms to challenge courts' decisions. If you do not agree with the judge's decision you have the option to file an appeal or a motion to reopen, and have a review of the judge's decision.

ICE Detention

Arrests for immigration reasons can be challenged in court. If you, or a loved one was detained by ICE, it is possible to obtain a release from detention through an immigration bond.

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We recognize the significance of new opportunities and the challenges that can come with the immigration process. However, we are here to assist you and your family throughout this journey.

We are committed to offering you all the support you need to achieve your goals. Our firm counts on a team of accomplished and experienced lawyers who are prepared to provide legal solutions for your immigration needs.

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About us

Attorney Luciano Park is the founder and managing attorney of Centurion Legal Group. He is a prestigious immigration lawyer ready to take on any legal challenge.

He has been an attorney for over 25 years and is licensed both in Brazil and in the United States. He holds two Master’s degrees, one from the world elite University of Cambridge in England (U.K.) and another from the highly ranked and distinguished Boston University in the United States.

He is fluent in four languages and has represented clients from diverse countries in many different Immigration Courts and USCIS field offices, such as Massachusetts, Connecticut, Colorado, New Jersey, Florida, Kansas, Texas, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Washington, and California.
He is also an ESL English evening teacher for the city of Framingham, where the language classes are completely free for adult immigrants. The Framingham adult ESL program, where attorney Luciano Park teaches, is the largest program of its kind in the New England region.

Attorney Luciano Park is featured as an expert commentator of immigration issues at radio shows, podcasts, newspapers, and TV news.

The team at Centurion Legal Group is formed by the best lawyers in practice. Senior attorney Lavery has over 25 years of experience and owned his own firm before joining Centurion. Senior attorney Rusher is a former prosecutor and immigration judge. Of counsel Foley has 35 years of experience and had a successful practice of his own before joining us at Centurion. Add to that our team of exceptional supervisors who are foreign trained lawyers and some of them with American Legal training through LLM masters’ programs.

Centurion Legal Group is prepared to work on any type of immigration case, from the simplest to the most complex cases. There is no task that is too small of too big, we do everything immigration law related. Our quality and technical excellence is reflected on the outstanding approval rates of our cases, even the most difficult ones.

At Centurion, our mission is to help you and your family.

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